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All aspects of business planning & business transactions.


We pride ourselves on being consultants to business. By necessity, such advice must be timely and accurate to be effective. In addition, we must be ready to give advice in the alternative because business transactions are often changed or limited for non-tax reasons. Hence, the tax advisor's job becomes one of obtaining the best tax result within the business context of the transaction. This often means involvement in the business aspects of a transaction as much as the tax aspects in order to understand and perhaps work the business side of the transaction in order to obtain the best tax result.

We are also heavily involved in estate planning, valuation, retirement income planning and continuity planning for executives, especially in the closely held corporations. Continuity planning is planning the transfer and control of a closely held corporation to the next generation. Such consulting includes business planning and personal planning in addition to income tax and estate tax planning. We can use our expertise in this area to advise you.

In a business age of increasing complexity, competition and uncertainty, every organization needs to grasp where the business is today and have a formal plan in place as a guide to ensure success tomorrow. The purpose of Strategic Planning is to gain a competitive advantage through planning and implementing goal-oriented action steps.

  • Accounting and Administrative Controls

  • Analyzing Growth Opportunities

  • Reviews of Internal Accounting Controls

  • Organizing, Planning and Monitoring Business Activities

  • Analyzing Operating Results

  • Cash Management and Planning

  • Business Loan Assistance

  • Evaluation of Risk Management

  • Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Accounting and Management Information System

  • Analysis of Financing Alternatives

  • Payroll Services

  • Financial Statements

  • Income Tax Preparation

  • Evaluation of Tax Implications of Transfers of Owners

  • Consultation of Tax Consequences of Property Dispositions

  • Benefits Planning

  • Representation Before Tax Authorities

  • Assistance in Purchases, Sales & Mergers

  • Tax Implications of Divorce and Separation

  • Business Performance and Operation Audits


Client satisfaction is our number one goal.

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